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Wireless Personal Emergency and MOB Transmitter
Wireless Personal Emergency and MOB Transmitter

MSRP: $187.00

Product Code: NA-MOB1

Description & Features Warranty
The wireless Personal Emergency and man-overboard (MOB) transmitter can be globally monitored for emergency response or locally monitored to notify crew. Requires manual button activation.

Ideal for unintentional overboard scenarios or short-range emergency responses, such as while in a dinghy or on-shore with boat moored close by. Short range varies by installation and individual setup. Long-range repeater option may be required for longer-distance line-of-sight communication.

Internal battery and wireless Nautic Alert XPulse Plus link enables quick connection. Transmitter is fully supervised by Nautic Alert Insight X2, which includes wireless inactivity and low battery detection.

If cellular coverage is not present consider using the Nautic Alert Insight X2 Satellite option.

This feature requires Nautic Alert Reporting Service with GEOS monitoring service.